Databases have long been core to our consulting practice, as most of our solutions and applications have a database behind them. Whether it's a library management system, an archive, a collection of photographs, or one of popular music, underlying the information is usually a database of some sort.

At its simplest, a database is a way of storing organized information persistently. That concept is so fundamental to the needs of computing and the digital environment that databases these days are as pervasive as they are invisible.

Database Diagram

Diagram of databases from the Andornot Library Kit for DB/TextWorks.

When embarking on any sort of information management project, we start by analyzing the information and envisioning databases to store and manage it. We design databases that are only as complex as they need to be to meet your needs. We hope that you will have us build your database as well, but we're happy to help only with the design if need be. We typically build databases using desktop tools such as DB/TextWorks, MS Access, and FileMaker PRO, as well as enterpise-level MS SQL systems. We can also assist with converting data into a format suitable for the new database.

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