As a company of professional librarians, Andornot has extensive expertise in a wide range of library management issues.

A Library

Andornot can advise you on:

  • user needs assessment - in-person and online interviews and surveys to determine the information needs and habits of your organization;
  • physical space planning - space layout, shelving, circulation stations;
  • collection development - writing a plan and managing acquisitions and dispositions;
  • daily workflows - cataloguing, serials check-in, ordering, current awareness;
  • digitization - freeing up physical space and making resources more easily accessible;
  • intranet content management and design - pushing information out to users in your organization;
  • research and subject guides development;
  • search analysis and user behaviours - are your users finding what they are looking for?;
  • and of course, technology decisions - ensuring your systems support the information needs of your users.

It’s often easier to have an outside consultant come in, with a fresh set of eyes and external perspective, to guide you through these important tasks.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you manage your library.