Andornot can help you build and maintain research or subject guides to direct your users to appropriate resources quickly and efficiently. All too often when we conduct information audits we discover that staff think they are proficient searchers, but are unaware of many of the tools that are available to them. For example, Google is used by everyone, but Google Scholar is not as well-known and we’ve found that many staff have never heard of search portals such as Science Direct, or be aware of some of the other databases that you may subscribe to.

In every subject area there is a wealth of websites and databases available. We can work with you to develop guides that provide links and information about the resources staff might find valuable, so they don’t waste time trolling around through Google search results. We’d recommend that each guide also includes information on copyright compliance and citation styles plus any organization-specific policies in these areas. For internal only subject guides, login and tips for accessing subscription content can also be included.

Fraser Health Guide

Sample subject guide created by Fraser Health Library staff using their hosted Umbraco CMS.

We can set up these subject guides within your intranet content management system (CMS) or in SharePoint, or can assist users set up a LibGuides account. LibGuides is a hosted platform with subscription fees depending on the size of the organization served. This product from Springshare is used extensively by university and public libraries but also offers LibGuides CMS, a version where access can be restricted to authorized users by IP address, which is ideal for specialized libraries.

LibGuides makes it easy to copy content created by 60,000 other librarians across 400,000 subject guides in the LibGuides community, reducing the time needed to construct a site from scratch. If you do not have a suitable intranet platform to build on, we highly recommend considering a LibGuides subscription.


Example sites developed by our clients:

Whichever route you choose, Andornot can assist you in all stages of development and maintenance.

Integration with Other Systems

An added option with LibGuides is integration of your LibGuides content into other web pages or your discovery interface, so your users can search for catalog records and LibGuides content simultaneously.

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