Do you know what your users are searching for? And whether they are finding relevant results? Are the terms they use for searching the same as ones you've used to catalogue or describe resources?

No matter whether you maintain a library catalogue, archival finding aids, museum artifact collection, or any other database, knowing who your users are, what they are looking for, and how they access your resources is critical to providing them with the best possible service.

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics provides useful data on visitors to your website.
  • Smarterstats
    Smarter Stats provides useful data on visitors to your website.

Andornot can help you to understand your users and any issues they may have with searching, by employing a strategy such as:

While you can do all of these separate steps on your own, Andornot will not only set up all the necessary technology, but analyse the results and provide you with a report discussing trends, issues, successes, and problems, with suggestions for improvements that will better help your users find resources in your collections.

Contact us today to start down the path of knowing, understanding and helping your users more effectively.

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