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Andornot Starter Kit for Museums

A museum accessions and artifacts system built with DB/TextWorks.

The Andornot Starter Kit for Museums works with Inmagic DB/TextWorks to manage museum accessions and artifact descriptions.

The Kit uses the latest features of DB/TextWorks to deliver a professional look, intuitive ease of use, and extensive help resources including on-screen help and complete sample databases. It is especially suited to small-and medium-sized museums with limited IT resources.

Key Features of the Starter Kit for Museums

Everything a small-to-medium museum needs to manage collections.

  •  A user-friendly design with consistent data elements such as color coding for each textbase, and graphics and text to help indicate the function of each screen.
  •  A menu screen with typical workflow shortcuts.
  •  Query screens with plenty of search options, plus search tips and hints.
  •  Brief search results reports contain ample navigation buttons to assist you with tasks - from performing a new search, to changing forms, to printing search results.
  •  A full record display showing all relevant data in each record.
  •  Data entry forms to allow you to easily add new data into the textbase or edit an existing record. Validation lists are plentiful and fields are grouped into related categories.
  •  Textbases for Accessions, Artifacts, Contacts (ie. donors, researchers suppliers, volunteers etc.) and Research Requests.
  •  Name, Subject and Geographic thesauri to save time and ensure consist data entry.

The Kit and DB/TextWorks are available for on-premises installation, or through our Managed Hosting service.

Customization Options

The databases can be customized for specific needs.

Use DB/TextWorks to modify the databases or develop new ones, or add on other pre-built Andornot databases for managing artifacts, a library catalogue, donations, provenance, records management functions and more.

For each database, the Archives Starter Kit provides:

  •  Complete data structures.
  •  Detailed instructions for entering the contents of each field.
  •  Search screens.
  •  Edit, display and printable report forms.
  •  Pre-configured validation and substitution lists for appropriate fields.

Multiple reports are provided, including forms for printing deeds of gift or loan.

Web Search Interface

When you are ready to make your collections available online, on the Internet or an intranet, we recommend:

Andornot Discovery Interface
Discovery Interface

A modern search engine for diverse resources.


Managed Hosting

Andornot has offered professionally managed hosting services from our Canadian data centre for over 25 years.

Managed Hosting
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In a cloud, in an unknown location? Is it difficult to obtain support for your application from your own IT group? Are your servers slow or due for replacement? Why not let Andornot help by having us host your data and applications?

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