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Genie Versions and Features

Review Inmagic Genie features by version.

Features added to Inmagic Genie over time are provided here. This list can help you decide whether to upgrade your version to the latest.

Version 3.6 (current version)

  • Order Edit Page Navigation: Next and Previous buttons can be added to Order edit screens.
  • Ability to Duplicate an Order: Duplicate button can be added to an Order edit screen.
  • Streamlined OPAC Self-Checkout: Features have been added to support construction of a simplified self-checkout screen, requiring fewer keystrokes. They include the ability to move the action buttons to the bottom of the screen, and the ability to specify tab order for the edit boxes. These features are available for use with any edit screen.
  • Search Result Display Improvements: When returning to a summary search result display after editing a record or viewing its detail, Genie remembers the page you were viewing. When a record is deleted, it is now removed from the current set and no longer appears in the summary display. An OPAC canned query link will work even if a search hasn't been performed yet.
  • Internet Explorer v10 Support: Genie has been tested with IE 10, and issues discovered have been addressed, for example, tabs on the Catalog edit screen and some cosmetic display issues.
  • Support for Other Browsers: Genie can now be used with Google Chrome. Firefox and Chrome are supported for use with most Genie functions with the exception of label printing.

Version 3.5

  • Remember Search Criteria
  • Multiple Library Email Addresses Supported for Requests Sent from the Cart
  • View Book Covers on Summary or Detail Catalog Reports
  • Update Genie Configuration Files from a Remote Location

Version 3.4

  • Batch modification and deletion of records through the Genie interface (previously only available through DB/Text interface).
  • MARC record importing and editing
  • Mulitple folders for record uploading importing (e.g. one for Bookwhere XML and one for MARC)
  • Separate loan terms for the OPAC self-checkout screen
  • Customizable edit screen tips

Version 3.3

  • Batch emails now available for loans, serials, orders and ILL's, i.e. to send claim notices etc.
  • Improved workflow when adding new serials
  • Additional options for serials arrival date prediction
  • Serial volume and issue information copied to Item records
  • Batch subscription and arrival date renewals
  • Batch add/remove a borrower for selected subscriptions
  • Include location or other borrower field on routing lists
  • "Google-like" alternate search syntax automatically ANDs terms, when applied to selected fields

Version 3.2

  • Self-Service Lending. Patrons can now check materials out of the library and/or renew their own outstanding loans, either from a public terminal or from their own browser.
  • Edit screens can now have NEXT/PREV buttons to navigate to the next or previous record.
  • Checkout pages now automatically display information about the borrower and items when you move off the field.
  • Additional configuration options such as:
    The ability to pre-set the default Boolean value of a button on a query box.
    The ability to specify the sort order for item records appearing in a Catalog full display report.
    Labels for printing can be sorted.

Version 3.1

  • Query screens may contain hidden and/or pre-populated fields, to help customize searches for users.
  • Support for BookWhere for Windows XML output.
  • Navigation Bar width is adjustable.
  • Improved appearance of Browse buttons and ability to resize Browse window.
  • A Reset button is available to administrators on the About Genie screen to easily restart Genie when changing configuration files.

Version 3.0

  • My Library functionality - users can log in to view their open loans, overdues, reserves, and the serials that are routed to them.
  • Librarian's Dashboard to quickly view the status of various library operations, i.e. overdue loans; late serials, active reserves etc.
  • Integration with BookWhere software to import MARC records.
  • Support for the Firefox browser for OPAC users.
  • Full configurability for any Edit screen to re-order fields and to allow automatic population of fields with the last value.
  • Ability to easily duplicate records.
  • Improved performance, especially when saving records and browsing long validation lists.
  • Ability to upload and route image of Serials issue Table of Contents
  • Workflow improvements to the orders process.
  • Ability to print barcode labels.
  • A MyGenie.css file supports changing default styles, allowing customization of the fonts, colours and other aspects of the Genie web interface.

Version 2.1

  • Support for multiple search pages per textbase.
  • Ability to perform batch check-in of serials.
  • Ability to configure Items, Reserves, and Loans information on the Catalog and OPAC Full Display pages.
  • Ability to display and configure Serial information on the Catalog and OPAC Full Display pages (e.g. to be able to see the most recently received serial issue).
  • Ability to include Items information on book labels, and to limit label printing to a specific location.
  • Ability to configure Search Tips box.
  • Explicit support for cultures other than United States, to format currencies, dates, numbers, etc.
  • The OPAC and the Catalog Search Results pages now have Add all to Cart and Remove all from Cart links.
  • New calendar control for single-entry date boxes displays a pop-up calendar for selection of a date.
  • Numerous usability improvements to speed workflow for common tasks.

Version 2.0

  • Security features now include a Cataloger role, logins for individual users, and the ability to assign users to groups that limit Catalog queries to specific sites.
  • Interlibrary loan features added to web interface.
  • Ability to log in to Genie with your Windows network login.
  • Configuration files are now available for Labels, Reports, Queries, the Navigation Bar, and Field Maps to allow extensive customization of those modules.
  • Multi-branch libraries are supported by a new Location field in the Catalog and OPAC searches.
  • Numerous usability improvements to speed workflow for common tasks.

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