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WebPublisher PRO Versions and Features

Review Inmagic WebPublisher PRO features by version.

Features added to Inmagic WebPublisher PRO over time are provided here. This list can help you decide whether to upgrade your version to the latest.

Version 17 (current version)

  • Works with DB/TextWorks v17

Version 16

  • Form Designer – WebPublisher reports can now easily link from a small image on a web page (a thumbnail) to the full size image. The new option is on the HTML tab of the Picture Box Properties dialog box.
  • WebPublisher Browse Choices – The buttons have been optimized; for example, we've added an "Add & Close" button so that users no longer need to click "Add" then "Close".

Version 15.5

  • InmagicBrowse – When editing a record, if a field has Single Entry Only validation, the Add button now does not appear on the Inmagic Choices Browser window. Previous versions displayed a disabled Add button in this situation.
  • InmagicBrowse – Addressed issues finding values beginning or ending with digits.
  • InmagicBrowse – Addressed an issue where the window would revert to its original size/position if you used any of the controls.
  • Addressed an issue where Includes/Seams referencing a URL called the obsolete WinHTTP5.DLL; now WinHTTP.DLL is used.

Version 15

  • Issues addressed with the InmagicBrowse app, and new features for publishing to the web from DB/TextWorks.

Version 14.5

  • WebPublisher PRO is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Version 14

  • Support for renaming query logs and starting new ones on a scheduled basis.
  • Ability to edit validation lists.
  • Ability to expose the Find button and disable find-as-you-type in InmagicBrowse.
  • InmagicBrowse can now update records after a validation term is changed to another term already in the list.
  • Improved support for Internet Explorer v10.

Version 13

  • It is now possible to edit records in non-IE browsers over the Web. Please see the Support Matrix for details.
  • ImagicBrowse includes a new find-as-you-type feature.
  • InmagicBrowse hides controls that offer no opportunity to take action.

Version 12

  • Improved support for newer browser versions and operating systems
  • Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • Better searching through a new advanced synonym searching feature
  • Enhanced CSS support
  • Enhanced Alternative Search Syntax ("Google" like query syntax)
  • Improvements to XHTML support

Version 11

  • Compatability with Windows Server 2008
  • Query Logging
  • Next/Previous highlighted hits
  • XHTML compliance

Version 10

  • Ability to configure a RSS feed for a textbase
  • InmagicBrowse enhancements, including support for FireFox; width configuration; control tooltips; & a Help button
  • Image files can be located in multiple folders
  • Alternate search syntax (this feature provides a "Google™-like" alternative syntax for searching.)

Version 9

  • Ability to browse the link field in a secondary textbase while editing
  • Support for Exploded Sorts
  • Paging of long validation lists to speed up loading and displaying.

Version 8

  • Inmagic Choices Browser alternative to Word Wheels
  • Includes added to Form Designer for web reports to allow better integration with website templates (seams)
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) includes
  • Many enhancements to XML for developers.

Version 7

  • Specify Alternate Text for URLs, EMail Addresses & Image Links
  • Improved formatting of exported query screens
  • Improved web navigation buttons
  • Web based editing (PRO only) -
    edit, duplicate, and delete existing records and paste from validation lists.
  • Cookie for retaining password for current session

Version 6.1

  • Submit queries using XML
  • INI file location can be changed to the WebPublisher installation directory

Version 6

  • XML support
  • Search criteria using DB/TextWorks command query format

Version 5.2

  • Record level security

Version 5.1

  • Support for disabled accessibility technology. Complies with U.S. government mandates

Version 5

  • Relevance Ranking
  • Specify additional information.
  • A "New Search" button to take users back to the query screen.
  • Open expanded record displays in a separate browser window

Version 4.2

  • Ability to search multiple textbases from one query screen

Version 4.1

  • Improved report appearance matches DB/TextWorks desktop reports
  • Button and Message Customization
  • Multi-Lingual interface capabilities

Version 4.0

  • Free Release for compatibility with DB/TextWorks version 4.0

Version 3.0

  • Ability to use email and URL links
  • Uses Virtual Directory Tree instead of installing in the web root
  • Ability to search for textbase
  • Support for secured web pages (HTTPS)
  • Ability to specify position of Next/Previous buttons and form list

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