Digitization is a great way to preserve resources only available in print or analogue format, and to make them more readily available to users.

Andornot offers one-stop digitization services for all types of materials. We can help you create electronic versions of books, reports, manuscripts and other printed materials, photographs, artworks, as well as audio and video recordings.

Our integrated service ensures that not only are materials professionally digitized, but appropriate metadata is generated to describe the resources, ready for import into any data management and search system.

Although there are many scanning services available, digitizing for long-term preservation and for wide-spread access requires knowledge and decisions about a variety of issues, such as:

  • What output formats are appropriate and with what specifications. e.g. TIFF? What DPI? PDF? MOBI or EPUB ebook? Several formats?
  • For audio recordings and videos, what codec and compression ratio to use for preservation, versions and what for access versions?
  • Whether to apply OCR to scanned text and what level of accuracy to expect?
  • How to represent the OCRd text: as text layer in a PDF, as ALTO XML?
  • How to manage the resulting digital objects and metadata? How to make the results searchable and showcase the work?

Andornot offers several advantages over other digitization service providers:

Metadata done right. As librarians and information management experts, Andornot understands how important metadata is to every scanned resource. We ensure that the results of a project include information describing the resources, in a format that can be imported into any database or archival management system.

On-premises scanning. Rather than sending rare materials off-site, Andornot can in some cases bring equipment and expertise to your location, and provide training and even staff to get the job done.

Integrated Service. There’s no need to have one vendor digitize oral histories, another films, a third books, and a fourth to make a database of the results. Andornot takes care of the complete project from initial discussions through to ready-to-use results.


We helped the College of Registered Nurses of BC digitize and make available online many decades of CRNBC publications, such as newsletters and annual reports. This collection documents the history of the college and the many nurses who contributed to its first 100 years, and perhaps most importantly, easily enables tracking of important decisions over the decades. Details are available in this blog post.

We helped the United Farmers Historical Society digitize and make searchable decades of publications from the United Farmers of Alberta. Details are available in this blog post.

We helped Heritage Burnaby make available digitized oral histories as streaming audio files. Details of this type of digitization are available in this blog post.

Many of our archival clients have digitized photographs online, such as the Heritage Burnaby Photograph CollectionSt. Andrew's College Archives and the S.J. McKee Archives at Brandon University.

Data Management and Searching

Andornot can also provide software for managing and searching digitized resources and metadata, or help you import data into an existing system.

We recommend the tools listed below, but can work with Archivematica, Eloquent, Minisis, SydneyPLUS and other systems.

Combine the search engine with these content display helpers into responsive, mobile-friendly web interface and users can reliably search and access digitized documents from their tablet or smartphone as easily as from their desktop.

Contact us to discuss any digitization project you’re considering and let our experience guide you.