Andornot is an authorized reseller of software from Inmagic, Inc. and experts in their software. For over 20 years, we've been designing databases and desktop interfaces for DB/TextWorks, hosting web interfaces with WebPublisher PRO, and configuring Genie library systems.

We also provide training and support and can help you get more from your Inmagic software.

  • Andornot Library Kit Menu
    A DB/TextWorks library menu screen designed by Andornot.
  • Andornot Starter Kit
    The Andornot Starter Kit for DB/TextWorks can be applied to any database, such as the library catalogue shown here.
  • Elgin County Archives
    The Andornot Starter Kit web interface works with Inmagic WebPublisher to provide online access.
  • McGill University Health Centre Library
    The Andornot Starter Kit web interface works with Inmagic WebPublisher to provide online access.

Starter Kits for Desktops and the Web

Andornot has developed "starter kits" for Inmagic DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO to help you quickly set up a management system for a library or archives or to publish any Inmagic database on the web. Kits include desktop databases, query screens, edit screens and reports - everything you need, ready to go!

The kits also include web search interfaces for Inmagic WebPublisher PRO.

Learn more about the different kits available.


Do you know where your web applications are hosted? In a cloud in an unknown location? Is it difficult to obtain support for your application from your in house IT group? Are your servers slow or due for replacement? Why not let Andornot help by having us host your data and applications.

Andornot has managed our own hosting environment since 1998 and offers a professional hosting service to clients for all web applications. We host library, archival and museum search interfaces for many clients, using the Andornot Discovery InterfaceInmagic WebPublisher PROVuFind, the Inmagic Genie library system, and more.

Learn more about our hosting services.

Data Conversion

Need help getting data into or out of an Inmagic database? Or want to "copy catalogue" and batch import MARC or other records into a library catlaogue? We have extensive experience moving data from one system to another, including Inmagic databases.

Learn more about our data conversion services.


Andornot supports you in your day to day use of all kinds of software and information management solutions, including Inmagic DB/TextWorks, WebPublisher PRO, Genie and PrestoSupport may include bug fixes, training, questions on the use of the software, preparing documentation, changes to existing features, requests for new features, and assistance with the server or application hosting environment.


The greater your understanding of your software, the more productive and efficient you'll be. If you're new to Inmagic DB/TextWorks or Genie or want to go in depth on a particular topic, such as report design or Genie's XML configuration files, we can provide training for you.

Learn more about our training services.

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