Andornot has worked on many digitization and media management projects for archives, and for corporate clients wishing to keep track of the burgeoning amount of photographic material since the advent of digital cameras.

Arnprior Photos

The Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives uses Andornot's Discovery Interface to search and display photographs.


Most of the sites we build with the Andornot Discovery Interface feature photographs or audio and video files or digitized documents, including:


Inmagic DB/TextWorks is an excellent tool for cataloguing photographs, audio recordings, video and other media. In particular, it has a built-in image viewer and annotation capabilities.

Media are referenced as files and are not embedded in the database, allowing them to still be accessible and used outside of the software.

Unlike many hardwired media management programs, fields can be set up that are very specific to the particular application or client. For example, a hospital may need to be able to search on age or gender or a particular piece of equipment, while a forestry company might require fields for species and time of year.

Images can be displayed easily in a web interface using the Andornot Discovery Interface or Inmagic WebPublisher PRO and the Andornot Starter Kit.

The Andornot Image Handler performs automatic resizing and watermarking of source images, while the Andornot Image Zoomer allows users to zoom in for a close-up view of large photos, paintings and drawings. Our Selection List add-on gives users the ability to request more information or order photo reproductions. The Andornot Embedded Media Player is a great way to play back audio and video in search results. A map interface can be a fun and interactive way to publish photos and other media geographically.

Getting a media management system running quickly is easy when you contact Andornot.