Most Andornot projects have a web-based search interface, and a growing number of these are also built with a mobile-friendly interface alongside the full-size one. This allows quick and easy access to information on-the-go.

Dupage Mobile
UFHS Mobile
MUHC Mobile


Some recent examples of projects with a mobile-friendly interface include:


We develop responsive websites, ones that adapt with ease to the user's device. Content will appear in the size and layout that works best, whether on the deskop, a tablet or a smartphone. To reduce cost and speed up development time, we often start with a modern framework such as Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation

The Andornot Discovery Interface in particular has been developed with mobile access as a core component. The Andornot Starter Kit search interface for Inmagic databases is also available with a resposive layout.

The VuFind discovery interface has a mobile theme.

Any website we design or build with the Umbraco CMS can be made mobile-friendly.

Contact us to make your collection easily accessible on mobile devices.