Andornot works with municipal governments of all sizes to help preserve and publish civic information. Our solutions include data management systems and search engines for:

  • Elgin County Archives
    The Elgin County Archives uses Inmagic DB/TextWorks, WebPublisher PRO and the Andornot Archives Starter Kit.
  • Heritage Burnaby Council Minutes
    Heritage Burnaby uses DB/TextWorks and the Andornot Discovery Interface to manage and publish historic city council meeting minutes and reports.
  • Arnprior Bylaws
    The Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives uses Andornot's Discovery Interface to search and display historic town bylaws, including full text indexing and hit highlighting.

Council and Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes and Municipal Bylaws

While many municipalities publish council and committee meeting agendas and minutes, and current bylaws, as pages on their website, search access to these vital documents is not always provided, or not using a modern search engine.

Our Andornot Discovery Interface is a great tool for indexing and searching council and committee meeting agendas and minutes, and bylaws past and present. Features such as spelling corrections, search suggestions, full-text indexing, facets to narrow searches, and hit highlighting in source documents help connect users quickly and directly to civic information. This is a great tool for city staff as well, for their own research, or to help citizens with inquiries.

Information can be pulled from databases, by indexing source documents directly, or both in combination. The search engine always presents the most relevant results first, based on sophisticated algorithms.


Municipal Archives

For some municipal clients, we work primarily with the city’s archives, providing a RAD-compliant archival management solution using Inmagic DB/TextWorks databases and our Andornot Archives Starter Kit. Public access is provided through a web search engine built from either the Andornot Discovery Interface, or Inmagic WebPublisher and the Andornot Archives Starter Kit.

DB/TextWork is an easy to use Windows desktop database system, with menus, search screens and data entry forms provided by our kit. Our search options help users find historic information quickly.


Combined Civic Heritage Collections

One of the best ways to help residents help themselves to civic information is to bring it all together into a single, modern search site. Council and committee meeting agendas and minutes, current and historic bylaws, municipal archives, oral histories, museum artifacts, art gallery collections, landmarks, public art collections – why not make all this civic cultural information searchable from a single portal?

Our Andornot Discovery Interface (AnDI) is the perfect tool for this, with its ability to index and search data from many different sources. AnDI can index data from databases, especially DB/TextWorks, by crawling an intranet or other websites, and directly from PDFs, Word documents and other textual data in folders on disk.


The City of Burnaby’s Heritage Burnaby search site features historic city council minutes and reports and municipal bylaws, as well as the city’s archives, heritage landmarks, museum artifacts, and more, all in a single easy-to-use search site.

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