Changing Inmagic Genie dropdown lists to text boxes

by Jonathan Jacobsen Monday, July 21, 2008 5:30 PM

Several edit screens in Genie use dropdown lists,for example, Payment Methods, Order Types, Currencies etc. The wording for these can be edited in the myGenie.config file, eg.

<!-- PaymentMethods -->
   <Method Default="true">Credit Card</Method>
   <Method>Money Order</Method>
   <Method>Gift Card</Method>
   <Method>Wire Transfer</Method>

However some clients may not be used to having this type of information validated, or their existing data to be converted into Genie may have a variety of values that cannot be easily batch modified to fit.  In this case it is possible to change the edit screen and switch to a simple textbox and if required, add a link to browse a validation list instead.

In myEditScreens.config file change this:

<Field Name="OrdPaymentMethod" Type="DropDownList" CssClass="orders_edit_qtr_textinput"  ShowBrowse="false" Required="false" Width="170"/>


<Field Name="OrdPaymentMethod" Type="TextBox" CssClass="orders_edit_qtr_textinput"  ShowBrowse="true" Required="false" Width="170"/>

Dropdowns that should not be changed are CatSerFrequency (as this is used to set up arrival patterns in Serials using the calculation values specified in the myGenie config file); and the Suppliers dropdown in Orders (needed to show the linked Supplier name rather than the OrdSuppID). A good rule is to always make a backup before changing any config file setting.

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