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Andornot Discovery Interface

Our modern web-based search engine.

The Andornot Discovery Interface (AnDI) is a modern web-based search engine and discovery interface, ideal for indexing and searching diverse collections of information. AnDI is available through Andornot's managed hosting services, or on-premises.

AnDI is used by libraries, archives, museums, law firms and other knowledge management organizations to index and search resources. It's a powerful search engine for cultural collections, able to index a wide variety of information and present it in a simple, easy to use format.

AnDI is .net core web application that leverages the open-source Apache Solr search engine. Solr is fast, can handle very large data sets, and has excellent and highly configurable search algorithms and relevancy rankings.

AnDI is available through Andornot's managed hosting services, or on-premises.

See what's new in AnDI for 2022-2023.

Key Features You Will Love

Why it's the best possible search experience.

  •  Ability to index and quickly and simultaneously search a large number of records from DB/TextWorks databases and other data sources.
  •  Excellent keyword search engine and relevancy-ranked search results.
  •  Automatic spelling corrections and “did you mean?” search suggestions.
  •  Full text indexing of linked documents.
  •  Facets, such as collection, subjects, names (authors/creators), places, dates, and material types, to allow users to quickly and simply refine their search.
  •  A selection list allows users to mark items of interest as they search, then view, print or email the list, as well as complete a form to email a request to staff for those items.
  •  Permalinks for sharing, bookmarking and indexing by search engines such as Google and Bing.
  •  Mobile-ready design.

Search All Your Collections

Provide one search across everything.

Help your users find resources stored in separate systems, such as DB/TextWorks, Access to Memory, PastPerfect, library and museum catalogues, genealogical resources, digitized newspapers, and council documents through a single search interface.

AnDI was designed to index content no matter the source or metadata used. Mixing data together and relying on AnDI's sophisticated search engine and relevancy-ranked results helps users discover related materials previously stored in separate silos.

Facets such as collection, material type, subject and more help them narrow their search down.

Take a look at some of the projects in our portfolio for ideas of how the Andornot Discovery Interface can help you, as well as posts in our blog about AnDI, or watch some of the AnDI training videos produced by our clients, such as:

Additional Features

Many additional features can be configured for your project.

Streaming audio and video playback
Full-text document indexing and embedded document viewer with hit highlighting
Flipbook-style document viewer
Archival hierarchy viewer
Image zooming for very large images
Multilingual display
Map interface for geographic data
Disqus commenting system
Ordering and payment for books, photographs, reprints and more
Simple content editor for About, Contact, etc. pages.
Authentication and Subscriber Management system



Introductory videos about AnDI from our clients

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