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Digital Asset Storage and Cloud Backup

Secure, offsite storage location for terabytes of files

Need a place to store your photographs, documents, oral history recordings, films and other digital assets, without the hassle of maintaining local servers, or as a backup to them?

Andornot offers a safe, secure, offsite storage location for terabytes of files. This can serve as either the primary preservation and storage location for your assets, or as an offsite cloud backup if you keep the primary copy at your location.

As with everything we host, your data is stored in our Vancouver data centre, on equipment owned and managed by Andornot. We have decades of experience managing information and resources for cultural organizations and know how valuable these irreplaceable materials are.

Prices are competitive with other cloud storage providers, and space is available in blocks of 10 TB, so there's room for your current files and new ones as you add them.

Your digitized resources can also be made searchable through a hosted instance of our Andornot Discovery Interface.

The Andornot Hosting Advantage

We offer a smaller, boutique hosting program.

  •  We manage our own hosting environment and servers in a state-of-the-art co-location facility in Vancouver, Canada.  
  •  We know each of you personally, as well as your data and applications.
  •  When you contact us with a question, you know who you’re speaking with, we know you, and we get started immediately on solving problems.
  •  Support time is included in every hosting package and we respond promptly to all hosted clients with inquiries or problems.
  •  Our hosting program is priced to compete with the costs of provisioning and managing your own dedicated server in house, as well as with larger cloud providers.
Managed Hosting

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