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Inmagic Software

Flexible applications for data management.

From data and text management to web search engines, integrated library systems, and social knowledge applications, Inmagic software is available to suit the budgets and needs of most clients.

Andornot is an authorized value-added reseller of Inmagic software and services. Since our founding in 1995, we have developed databases, add-ons and countless solutions incorporating Inmagic software.

We continue to develop DB/TextWorks-based data management systems and to provide support for and hosting of other Inmagic software, such as Genie and WebPublisher PRO.

Inmagic is a brand of Lucidea, one of the largest provider of knowledge management solutions to corporations, law firms, non-profits, government agencies, museums, and archives worldwide.

Inmagic Partner

Inmagic DB/TextWorks

Inmagic DB/TextWorks is a popular database and text retrieval system.

Inmagic DB/TextWorks combines a database management system with powerful search capabilities, and can be customized and managed by non-IT staff to organize information and share knowledge throughout an organization.

With its high-speed fielded search engine delivering precise results, DB/TextWorks has become the popular choice for managing all types of content - documents, images, corporate records, audio, video and image files - by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Learn more about DB/TextWorks and our hosted version of it, available through your web browser.

Inmagic Genie Library Suite

Manage your library with Genie.

Inmagic Genie is a web-based application designed to handle the typical collection management functions of a corporate or specialized library.

Unlike many modular library management systems, Genie includes all typical library functions without requiring the purchase of any add-ons. Genie is a great solution for libraries with multiple offices, as the web based updating allows organizations to easily create a merged catalog of holdings, and to sign out materials remotely.

Andornot provides support for your on-premises Genie, and hosting and support of Genie through our Managed Hosting service.

View a list of features added to Genie over different versions.

Inmagic WebPublisher PRO

Search DB/TextWorks databases on the web.

Inmagic's WebPublisher PRO allows you to search DB/TextWorks databases through a web browser quickly and easily.

Andornot provides support for your on-premises WebPublisher PRO, and hosting and support of WebPublisher PRO through our Managed Hosting service.

View a list of features added to WebPublisher PRO over different versions.

Inmagic Maintenance Program

Stay up to date with software releases and tech support.

Inmagic's maintenance program provides customers with new releases, service packs and technical support.

This program is highly recommended and included with new software purchases, though optional thereafter.

Contact Andornot to renew your subscription to the maintenance program, or discuss options for lapsed subscriptions and access to new versions of Inmagic software.

Managed Hosting

Andornot has offered professionally managed hosting services from our Canadian data centre for over 25 years.

Managed Hosting
Do you know where your web applications are hosted?

In a cloud, in an unknown location? Is it difficult to obtain support for your application from your own IT group? Are your servers slow or due for replacement? Why not let Andornot help by having us host your data and applications?

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