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FromThePage Hosting

Collaborate with others to transcribe documents.

FromThePage is software for transcribing documents and collaborating on transcriptions with others.

Use FromThePage for everything from simple, plain-text transcription projects to bilingual digital scholarly editions with annotations. Add digitized historic documents to a FromThePage site and invite your community to help transcribe and translate those materials.

Andornot offers FromThePage hosting through our Managed Hosting service.

The Key Features of FromThePage

All the features you need for a crowdsourcing project.

  •  Transcription: Add and edit transcriptions while viewing scanned images of a document. Collaborate with others to transcribe a document.
  •  Indexing & Annotation: Index a document by tagging people, places, and other subjects of interest.
  •  Dashboard: See all the activity within a project at a glance with customized project owner and collaborator views.
  •  Version Control: FromThePage displays the edit history of a document's transcription and logs collaborator activity.
  •  Automatic Markup: FromThePage suggests subject tags based on previously transcribed documents.
  •  OCR Correction: FromThePage imports raw optical character recognition (OCR) text and provides a workflow optimized for OCR correction projects.
  •  Language Support & Translation: FromThePage supports transcription in any language, including right-to-left scripts, and enables collaborative translation with parallel text comparison.
  •  Discussion: Readers and collaborators can add notes to individual pages, asking questions about the text, answering questions about difficult passages, or commenting on the material.
  •  Security: Transcription projects (or individual collections within a project) can be made private.

View an example FromThePage site here:

The Andornot Hosting Advantage

We offer a smaller, boutique hosting program.

  •  We manage our own hosting environment and servers in a state-of-the-art co-location facility in Vancouver, Canada.  
  •  We know each of you personally, as well as your data and applications.
  •  When you contact us with a question, you know who you’re speaking with, we know you, and we get started immediately on solving problems.
  •  Support time is included in every hosting package and we respond promptly to all hosted clients with inquiries or problems.
  •  Our hosting program is priced to compete with the costs of provisioning and managing your own dedicated server in house, as well as with larger cloud providers.
Managed Hosting

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