MIX 07 session videos for all

by Administrator Wednesday, May 09, 2007 5:46 PM

I didn't go to MIX 07, Microsoft's conference for Web designers, developers and decision makers, but I am shamelessly sucking down the conference session videos. I've watched about 3 hours so far, and already had some great eye-openers, particularly about LINQ and Visual Studio "Orcas". (Not Silverlight so much yet.)

Here's the feed to the session videos - well worth a look! There's bound to be at least something to get you excited: http://sessions.visitmix.com/rss/mix07_rss.xml.

Here's Anders Hejlsberg talking about LINQ, the one I liked so much: how LINQ (Language INtegrated Query) unifies data operations on disparate data formats (relational tables, XML, in-memory objects).


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