Webpublisher 11 breaks some Andornot scripts

by Peter Tyrrell Tuesday, June 10, 2008 10:51 AM

Inmagic Webpublisher 11, just released, breaks some Andornot Utility scripts that rely on the dbtw_params variable: Rewind, Next/Previous, and Change Form On Dropdown Value are affected. Possibly others.

A fix will be released as soon as possible, and I will update this post and provide download links to the script files at that time.

UPDATE Jun 13 2008: Fix released.

More Info

dbtw_params is a javascript variable injected into the page by Webpublisher that holds a query string representation of the current result page. As with all query strings, Key/value pairs are separated by the & character, except that in WPP 11, this character is HTML-encoded as &.

Webpublisher 10


Webpublisher 11


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