iPod at work

by Peter Tyrrell Tuesday, September 05, 2006 4:47 PM

I recently bought an iPod. I had actually been covertly researching the iPod on behalf of my brother-in-law, who wanted to get one for his wife (my sister). While talking him into a particular model, I talked myself into it as well. I had been thinking about the best way to get my music from computer desktop to stereo for a while, and then when I found I could use an FM transmitter to get it to the car as well, I was convinced. The purchase was justified in terms of music alone. But then after I bought it I realized it has a calendar. And a contacts list. And a photo slideshow function. And a notes feature. So I started looking at what you can sync up to the iPod, and HOLY SMOKES, my entire life now fits on my iPod. My email inbox, Outlook contacts, Outlook calendars, Gmail contacts, Gmail calendars, RSS feeds, local movie listings, local weather, recent photos, recent work files, and of course, favourite music playlists are now auto-synced to the iPod. Plug in. Sync. Go. Not that I go anywhere, but IF I DID, I would be prepared for anything. If you have an iPod, you *must* check out http://ipod-sync.com/index.htm. If you do not have an iPod, you must pester your boss to get you one. Think of the productivities!


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