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Archives Upgrades

We've been working with several archives over the past few months on some exciting upgrade projects. Here are details of three that are now complete and ready for you to explore.

New website for the Ontario Jewish Archives, Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre

The Ontario Jewish Archives, Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre (OJA) has recently launched a new website which includes two exciting new features. Andornot has been working with OJA staff for the past seven months to build a sophisticated search interface to their archival records, and to create an interactive mapping of Jewish Landmarks of Ontario.

Ontario Jewish Archives

A wealth of content related to Jewish history in the province of Ontario is federated and now searchable from a single search box. Much of this is publicly available for the first time and includes:

  • close to 25,000 archival descriptions
  • selected archival accessions
  • oral histories and interviews
  • historical landmarks
  • Toronto Jewish city directories
  • ship passenger manifests
  • website and online exhibits
  • images, audio, video, digitized text

Full details of this project and the new interface are available in this blog post.

Elgin County Archives Launches New Archival Search Interface

The Elgin County Archives, in St. Thomas, Ontario, has been using Inmagic DB/TextWorks for many years to manage its collections.

Recently the DB/TextWorks databases and interface were upgraded with the Andornot Archives Starter Kit, to provide a RAD-compliant structure and easy-to-use search screens and forms.

This month the web interface was also upgraded. The new interface uses a similar layout and design as the main Elgin County website, for a seamless transition for users. Both sites use a responsive framework, so they are as accessible on mobile devices as in desktop browsers.

You can view the new interface at and read more about this project in this blog post.

Elgin County Archives

Galt Museum and Archives Artifacts Collection Now Searchable Online

The Galt Museum & Archives in Lethbridge, Alberta, uses Inmagic DB/TextWorks, WebPublisher PRO and the Andornot Starter Kit to manage its archival, museum and library collections. The archival and library collections have been searchable through the Galt website for sometime, and recently, the museum artifacts collection was added as well.

This latest addition contains records for over 12,000 items collected over the past 50 years, reflecting the culture and history of Lethbridge and southwestern Alberta. Photographs are available online for about 10% of the collection right now, but more are being added all the time.

The museum artifacts search is available at 

Galt Museum

Many of the records from the museum and archives are also now indexed in Google and Bing, thanks to the provision of permalinks and sitemap.xml files.

More details of this project are available in this blog post.

Meet with Andornot in 2014

Andornot attends numerous conferences across the country each year. They're a great opportunity for us to meet with you in person, so we hope to see you at one of these this year:

Inmagic News

DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO 14.5 Released

Inmagic PartnerInmagic recently released Version 14.5 of DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO, with the following improvements and changes:

  • The toolbar button icons used throughout DB/TextWorks have been replaced with new, modern-looking images. The icons are now more industry-standard and will display more robustly in various toolbar sizes.
  • DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO are now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • CSV is now one of the available selections in the Export File As dialog.

Customers with a current Inmagic maintenance subscription will have received an email with instructions for downloading this service pack. If you haven't received the email from Inmagic, please email with your serial number and email address so it can be resent. Please also remember to let us know if your contact information has changed so we can update our records and pass this on to Inmagic, and to contact us with any questions about upgrading.

Inmagic Training Sessions

Inmagic offers free monthly training and Q&A sessions on its products, including DB/TextWorks and Presto. These are a great opportunity to brush up on some skills or ask questions directly to Inmagic (though of course we're also happy to answer your questions as well). A list of upcoming sessions is available here.

Tips and Tricks

Spring Cleanup for your Inmagic textbases

What might happen if you win the lottery? Will your successor be able to understand how to use your Inmagic DB/TextWorks textbases? To help answer these and other questions about Inmagic textbases, we've written a series of posts in our blog that will help you rationalize your files, textbases and forms, plus provide suggestions for regular maintenance of your textbases.

The first post discusses discuss how to cleanup folders and directories which may have become cluttered with multiple copies and backups of textbases and related files.

Here are links to all four posts:

Tweets: Round-up of Library, Archive and Museum News

Follow Andornot on TwitterAs we come across news, projects, resources and other items we think might be of interest to our clients, we tend to post a quick tweet on our Twitter page, rather than a longer blog post. We've included a selection of recent tweets in this newsletter, but encourage you to follow us on Twitter.

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