Kathy is a co-founder and part owner of Andornot and is responsible for the administrative side of the company and most of the sales and marketing.

After high school, Kathy always knew she wanted to be a librarian and her first job was as a trainee at a mid-sized and very busy, public library in southern England.  All that shelving became ingrained, and her personal book collection is still organized by Dewey.  Library school at Loughborough followed, and she specialized in local history and paleography.  Many years later, Kathy is delighted to be able to work in this area again through her projects with archives and museums (though there is not much demand for translating 14th century wills written in bad Latin).

Stints in charge of a small branch library on Epsom Downs and as a lending librarian in the London borough of Hammersmith were next. After the idyllic country branch library, working conditions in London were a shock, with the requirement for a male caretaker to be on duty as protection when working alone on the evening shifts.  Kathy left to work at a large multi-national petrochemical company and got her first taste of corporate librarianship managing a collection of mostly foreign language standards. The UDC classification on these was often the only way to determine the subject of the ones in Afrikaans, Swedish etc. - quite a change from selecting the best new biographies or romance novels.

Inspired by a poster of Banff National Park at the Tube station, Kathy and her husband emigrated to Canada and settled in Calgary. She worked as the librarian for Panarctic Oils and then Dome Petroleum before doing consulting work after children were born.  Then it was off for six years in St John's, Newfoundland where she continued with library and records management consulting work and got hooked on the potential of computers and databases.  Kathy became a sub-reseller for Inmagic software when it was still a DOS product, and then after moving to Vancouver, became an authorized Inmagic dealer in early 1995.

Being a solo consultant is hard - no one to confer with, and no one to cover for vacations or sickness.  When Kathy met Denise Bonin who was doing the same type of consulting, it was a perfect opportunity to join forces, and so Andornot was formed in late 1995. It sometimes seems a long way from her library roots, but Kathy loves the diversity of Andornot projects and clients, and the challenges of keeping up with the latest trends.


Kathy Bryce

Kathy Bryce, MCLIP