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Website and CMS Hosting

We host all kinds of websites and content management systems.

Andornot hosts all manner of websites, especially for libraries, archives, museums and societies.

We recommend a content management system to power your website.

We can offer Umbraco, WordPress, Mukurtu and Omeka CMS platforms, and any of these can be part of our Managed Hosting service.

Umbraco Content Management System

Umbraco has all the features needed in a modern CMS.

  •  Master site and page templates.
  •  Notification, versioning, an audit trail and rollback.
  •  Media library for images, documents and linked files.
  •  Dynamically created menus and site map.
  •  Configurable user roles (e.g. writers, editors, publishers, admins).
  •  Plug-ins and custom development for more features.

Andornot hosts Umbraco-powered websites as part of our Managed Hosting service.

WordPress Content Management System

WordPress is the world's most popular CMS.

Since 2003, WordPress has provided ordinary users with features to manage their website and post fresh content. WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use.

  •  Customizable Designs
  •  Search Engine Friendly
  •  Responsive Mobile Sites
  •  High Performance
  •  Manage on the Go
  •  High Security
  •  Powerful Media Management
  •  Easy and Accessible

Andornot hosts WordPress-powered websites as part of our Managed Hosting service.


The Andornot Hosting Advantage

We offer a smaller, boutique hosting program.

  •  We manage our own hosting environment and servers in a state-of-the-art co-location facility in Vancouver, Canada.  
  •  We know each of you personally, as well as your data and applications.
  •  When you contact us with a question, you know who you’re speaking with, we know you, and we get started immediately on solving problems.
  •  Support time is included in every hosting package and we respond promptly to all hosted clients with inquiries or problems.
  •  Our hosting program is priced to compete with the costs of provisioning and managing your own dedicated server in house, as well as with larger cloud providers.
Managed Hosting

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