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by Administrator Wednesday, March 25, 2009 4:48 PM

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  • Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) launches new web interface with RefWorks link

  • Inmagic Users Group meetings in Toronto and Ottawa

  • Inmagic Partner's Meeting - Andornot #1 for total sales

  • See us at a conference in 2009

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  • Inmagic Genie v3.3 to be released soon!

  • @Inmagic Newsletter February 2009

  • Webinar: The Social Library - Beyond the Traditional OPAC

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  • Power Writing e-newsletter

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Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) launches new web interface with RefWorks link

by Administrator Tuesday, March 24, 2009 10:44 PM
RefWorks is an online research management, writing and collaboration tool. It is a popular service that allows users to gather data from all sorts of sources into one web based subscription account and it produces nice-looking bibliographies. How good is that? Why would anyone want to give that up? Well, who says that you have to. How about having the best of that world as well as a fully searchable, web-based catalogue nicely integrated into your website? OTRU-ESP
The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit wanted just that. They came to Andornot with a request to take their catalogue records out of RefWorks, migrate them over to DB/TextWorks, and put them on the web using WebPublisher PRO. Plus they wanted to provide users with the ability to select records in the database and Email them, Save to a file, Print the list or best yet, add them to their own personal RefWorks account.

Andornot worked with RefWorks Support to determine the format that was required to import records into RefWorks and added this function to our Email Save and Print WebPublisher PRO add-on.

The OTRU librarian, Diane Van Abbe, didn’t stop there, she also wanted a link on the Quick search page to the New Additions in her catalogue and she wanted the ability to highlight Canadian Canadian Flag materials. She got that too.

Diane says, "Having our library catalogue on the web has been one of my goals for some time now. As part of an academic community, providing the ability for our researchers to save to RefWorks is a real bonus. It is great to be able to provide extra service to our users with this feature."

Genie Label Formatting Tricks

by Jonathan Jacobsen Tuesday, March 17, 2009 1:48 PM

Item Fields Appear After Catalog Fields

When defining a catalog label in MyLabels.config, you can pull data from both the Catalog and Items textbases. Data from Items is wrapped in <ItemInfo> tags

  <Field Name="ItemVolume" Header="v." />
  <Field Name="ItemCopyInfo" Header="c." />

While you can place the ItemInfo section anywhere in the label definition, when the label is rendered on screen or printed, the ItemInfo section will always appear last. It's best to place it last in the config file section as well, so it's clear where it will appear on the label.

If you have a strong need to place some Item fields before or in between Catalog fields, it is possible to subdivide one of the boxes on the labels into smaller boxes, one with the Catalog fields and the other with the Item fields. It takes some dedicated work with a ruler and finessing of the label measurements, some trial and error with the printer, and a dose of patience, but it can be done.

Limit Number of Words

If you have a field on the label, such as Title or Subtitle, that tends to have quite a bit of data in it, it may not fit in the available space on the label, and will push other fields down and off the label. One remedy is to limit the amount of data from the field that appears. You can do this by adding this line


to the field (where x is a number).

<Field Name="CatTitle" Style="font-weight:bold" UseFunction="NumberOfWords(5)" />

This function is documented in the Inmagic Genie Technical Notes document in relation to the MyReports.config file. However, it works equally well in MyLabels.config.

My Software Tools List: What I Put On My Machine

by Ted Jardine Tuesday, March 10, 2009 3:32 PM

My new laptop should arrive any day now (yay! It just came!), so in preparation for setting it all up again, here's my list of everything I'll put on it (in the spirit of Scott Hanselman's excellent "Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows"):

Standard Fare and Utilities

  • Windows Vista Ultimate (and soon Windows 7)
    I'd put the Beta on now, but that means a repave would come too soon.
  • Executor
    I bind it to Win-A and instantly have the best application launcher out there for Windows. Almost as pretty as Launchy and Enso (well, not quite, but we can't be too picky) and even more functional than SlickRun. After first trying it, it promptly became my launcher of choice; it's ridiculous how much you can do with it.
  • Ultramon
    Absolutely necessary when running multi-monitors (latest beta works without issues). DisplayFusion looks good as well so I'm actually going to try it out as it's the first legitimate competitor I've seen for Ultramon in all the years I've used it.
  • Roboform
    Phenomenal way to securely store and use login credentials and software codes, and autofill registration and checkout forms (including credit card information). Expensive but worth it. I've also been trying out LastPass on my netbook. RoboForm's usability is a tiny bit better (for i.e. keyboard shortcuts are better, especially for initial login) and it is more secure because data is only stored locally (which I use Windows Live Sync - see below - to synchronize between multiple machines), but LastPass has the huge convenience of having a central repository so that data is instantly synced between all machines (including the ability to get access from other machines, including public ones where you can utilize one time login credentials for greater security). Oh, and LastPass if free. Regardless, use something and create strong passwords.
  • ClipX
    Tiny clipboard history manager. I've been using the beta x86 version with very few glitches for a long time now. Will be using the x64 beta on the new machine.
  • Windows Live Sync (aka FolderShare)
    Great way to securely sync files between your different machines, and if wanted, between different users. I use it to sync RoboForm data, YNAB data, and more.
  • SnagIt
    Screen capturing software. When Peter first told me how much he loved it, I guffawed and told him it was screen capturing software! How could it be worth $50 USD?!? (even more in beaver bucks). But I tried out the trial and...well, me of so little faith: Peter was right. Phenomenal piece of software that I promptly purchased (do a google for a coupon codes for a price reduction).
  • Notepad++
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • QuickBooks
    Someday there will be a replacement for this software that seems stuck back in the 90's, but until there is, couldn't live without it even though it regularly contributes to a receding hair line (I am so thankful I am not a bookkeeper and I raise my glass to the wonderful bookkeepers in my life: Pat and Maxine).
  • Mozy
    Please backup, backup often, and backup off-site. Mozy makes the process easier, although I think I'll be trying out IDrive this time around because of many additional features including its ability to synchronize multiple machines to local media (external USB drive) which then syncs up online. I've got ~90GB of data so I'm hoping the synchronization process is a little faster with IDrive (Mozy churns away "replicating splines" when determining what of my local 90GB of data has changed/been added - apparently that's some sci-fi reference). Regardless, both are dirt cheap for personal home use (unlimited for $4.95/month with yearly discounts available). Eventually I'll get a Windows Home Server configured too, which will be even better!
  • Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN Messenger)
    Someday I'll find an alternative that works well (have tried Trillian and Pidgin, but both have bigger shortcomings either in usability or stability). At least there's a registry hack you can do to remove the ads in Windows Live Messenger (no, I am still not interested in "Singles in Surrey").
  • 7-zip
    Great file compression (that can also read and write to RAR and ZIP).
  • SharpKeys
    A registry hack that is used to make certain keys on a keyboard act like other keys. I use this to map unused keys on my Apple keyboard to something more useful:
    • f13: Print Screen (used all the time with SnagIt)
    • f14: Insert
    • f16: Mute
    • f17: Volume Down
    • f18: Volume Up
    • f19: Calculator
    • Right-Ctrl: Application Menu
  • Switcher
    What Vista should have done for its Alt-Tab implementation.
  • YNAB Pro
    Budgeting software that just works.
  • Skype
  • Pantone Huey PRO
  • µTorrent
    BitTorrent client.
  • ted
    Torrent Episode Downloader with a great name ;-)
  • Startup Delayer
  • Windows Live Writer
  • ffdshow and K-Lite Codec Pack
    Just use this codec pack to cover pretty much any codec you need to view or listen to digital media.
  • Plaxo
    Used to sync contacts and calendar with all other machines for accounts other than Exchange.
  • Acronis TrueImage


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional
  • Resharper
    Friends don't let friends develop without it.
  • Subversion, TortoiseSVN, and VisualSVN
    I'd like to say something about this combo, but words fail me.
  • GhostDoc
    Free add-in for visual Studio that automatically generates XML documentation comments for C#.
  • VMWare Player/VMWare Workstation
    The former is free, and the latter is expensive. The latter also makes like easier, but you can hack things (legally of course) to get the player to do what you need it to. There wouldn't be a dilemma except for the fact that the player is prettier and has Unity (where the guest application windows look just like host application windows, but with color-coded borders - much easier to tab through applications while developing)! Unity is in Beta for Windows right now, so once it's out of beta, I guess I'll go for less pretty with more functionality (and the relatively hefty price tag).
  • Gallio
  • TestDriven.NET
  • ANTS Profiler
  • Microsoft Virtual PC
  • .NET Reflector
  • Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium
  • AutoHotKey
  • NH Prof
    If you do anything at all with NHibernate, just buy this (beta promotional pricing still in affect).
  • Beyond Compare 3
    Another "just buy it" bit of software. I got a discount coupon through that is no longer there, but hopefully will return.
  • RegexBuddy
    If you do anything with Regex, have mercy on yourself and buy this. Worth every penny.
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle .NET Client
  • And more of the usual...

Firefox and Add-Ons

Deserves a section all to itself.

really truly private variables in javascript

by Peter Tyrrell Monday, March 09, 2009 9:09 AM

I just read, and then for good measure re-read, "JavaScript: The Good Parts" by Douglas Crockford, who is probably the foremost javascript authority on planet Earth. The book blew my mind. I thought I knew javascript; I thought I had a pretty good grasp of it; before I picked up this book I would have referred to myself as a javascript expert when introducing myself at parties. It turns out I had a lot more to think about. I find this delightful.

One of the valuable lessons I learned is a javascript module pattern, discussed with examples at the YUI (Yahoo! User Interface) blog: The take home message is that you can create objects that support private members. I didn't even know that was possible, but it turns out that it is, due to function scope and the concept of closure. It took me a few reads with furrowed brow to grok closure, so I can hardly explain it quickly, but essentially:

  1. A function can return a function and then wink out of existence.
  2. The returned inner function retains access to other members and data defined in its original parent function.
  3. Those other members and data are not directly accessible anymore, so they are private.


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